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Vlog – selling my clothes, farmers market haul, and deals to meals

Hi all!

Check out my very first vlog on my Youtube channel: Lisa vs. the Loans!

Selling my clothes, farmers market haul, and deals to meals

The other weekend, I sorted through my clothes to figure out which ones to sell – you know, since I’m on that #debtfreeby30 kick. I’ve included one of my main tips on figuring out which clothes to sell.

How to figure out which clothes to sell

Basically – one day, you hang everything in your closet reverse (you’ll see in the video what I mean).

Then, each time you use a clothing item and hang it back in the closet, you hang it the normal way. After a few months, you’ll start to notice which items in your closet aren’t actually being used.

I did this when Juan and I moved out in January. It’s been an easy way to keep track of which items of clothing I normally reach for.

The vlog also follows us as we check out the farmers market that’s right downstairs from us as well as our first time trying out Deals to Meals!

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Where do you normally sell your excess clothes?