Links Lisa Likes – Engagement Party Recovery

I. am. exhausted.

The past week was spent cleaning and prepping the house for our engagement party. I knew we were ambitious when we said we wanted a lot of people there and we wanted every one to have fun. We wanted a candy bar, popcorn bar, and The Fiance wanted a nacho cheese fountain while I wanted a hot dog machine. Not to mention my brother was bartending for us and my friend also set up a photo booth in our garage.

Only about 45 people RSVPed to the event on Facebook, but the amount of people who showed up was at least double – if not triple – that amount! The Fiance and I were on our feet most of the time, trying to talk to as many people as we can!

Our families did so much in terms of getting all the delicious food ready and the house prepared. A few of my bridesmaids and a couple of The Fiance’s groomsmen came by early to help set up the backyard.

I was – and still am – completely overwhelmed at the support and love that we are surrounded with. It’s so good to know that The Fiance and I have a great support system that will be there for us as we continue on our journey together.

Also, I plan on doing an engagement party details and budget breakdown post or series, so keep an eye out for that!

Last Week on LvtL

Lately, I have been incredibly busy in all aspects of my life, but I wanted to take the time to bring back my weekly Links Lisa Likes! There are just so many great stories/posts that I have to share with you all!

While I was cleaning my house for the engagement party, I realized that my family is a bunch of mini-hoarders.

This Week’s LLL

The 10 Commandments of a Clutter-Free Life – [Apartment Therapy]
My favorite – #9.

Frugal Idea #25 – [Frugal Nev]
What habits do you need to take control of? Me – being lazy and letting other things take control of my time.

I’ve realized i’m a Lifer – [Punch Debt in the Face]
For some reason, I always wanted to steer clear from being a “lifer”. But if your situation is just that good, you’d be crazy not to be one!

Saturday Personal Finance GIFS: I’m Engaged Edition – [Money After Graduation]
This is incredibly relevant right now! Bridget totally gets me.

You Can Have an Easy Life or an Awesome One. Choose Wisely. – [99U]
“Here lies Thomas, he would have done great work, but he had to pay the rent.”

How was your weekend?


Confession: My Family is a Bunch of Mini-Hoarders

[Sorry fam for calling you out, but I have to rant!]

I never know how much I hate clutter until I am forced to clean my house.

On Monday, I mentioned that we were throwing an engagement party at my house this weekend. For those who don’t know, I “bought” the house (the mortgage is under my name) and my family lives with me. It’s the four of us – my mom, my brother, my auntie (mom’s sister), and me all under one roof. Which is great! But I can’t deny that we’re all mini-hoarders in our own ways.

Take myself for example – I have way too many shoes! My auntie has bought me at least 3 different shoe racks since I keep leaving random pairs all around the house. That’s not even including the shoe rack I already have in my room.

What’s ridiculous is that out of the 40+ pairs that I own (honestly, I haven’t even counted – this number may be conservative), I only cycle through about 10 of those pairs on a regular basis. So those other 30+ pairs are just taking up room and gathering dust. A lot of dust might I add – I freaking hate cleaning!

My brother is a whole different story. Yes, Kuya – I’m calling you out! While I wish I had a shoe collection as small as his (I think he only has 5 pairs), he makes up for it in books. I’m not against learning new things or reading a ton of books. In fact, I want to read more myself! Heck – he’s a high school teacher, he should read and have a ton of books! But we should draw the line somewhere. Literally – there is not one surface in this house that does not have a pile of books on it. Our piano has books on it for crying out loud! And they’re not music books!

Kuya (translation: older brother in Tagalog) and I both know who we get it from, though – our mom. God bless her heart, but she cannot throw anything away for the life of her! Every little thing has a memory attached to it. Random pieces of paper and envelopes are scattered about the house that all have “important notes” written on them, so we can’t throw them away. Our house is filled with boxes and packages – most of the time completely unopened –  mostly kept in hopes that we will gift them one day, or even use them ourselves eventually. Spoiler alert – we forget we even have them so they just sit there.

The only sane one in our house is my auntie – my mom’s oldest sister. She coupon clips, buys in bulk, and lives lean. She knows when certain foods are on sale at the grocery store, stocks up, and freezes leftovers. Part of me thinks it’s because she looks at us mini-hoarders and feels like she need to compensate for how wasteful we are, haha!

I don’t know where this obsession with our stuff started. Perhaps my brother and I grew up with it. My parents came from a place of poverty, so my guess is that now that my mom actually has the luxury of having stuff, it’s difficult for my mom to throw things away when it gets to be too much.

As I said earlier, my engagement party is coming up - this Sunday to be exact. Almost every day this past week, The Fiance and I along with my family have been battling our stuff in the hopes of getting this house ready for the festivities. Let me tell ya – we needed more than a week for all this cleaning! The amount of stuff we own is just overwhelming and it’s now become a real source of stress.

I’ve got an idea on how to deal with this, at least my own part of it. But I don’t want to tackle it until after the engagement party. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Are you a mini-hoarder? What does your stuff mostly consist of?


Links Lisa Likes – Life is Crazy Busy

Hello lovelies!!

I’ve missed doing LLL, so I’m back with a whole bunch of links I loved this past week or so!

I know I’ve been saying it a lot lately on the blog, but life has just been absolutely crazy lately! I’ve been working tons of over time for the past few weeks, which is both good and bad. Good because I have a wedding to save up for, so I’ll take all the over time pay I can get! But it’s also bad because by the end of my long days, I have no energy to do anything.

The Fiance and I have also been pretty busy planning our engagement party which is coming this weekend! Other than that, we’ve also started going to a few bridal showcases around here as well as meeting up with our wedding planner. I can’t wait to share with you all our experiences so far!

#FinCon14 was over a month ago, and I left NOLA with a lot of ideas I wanted to implement here on LvtL, but alas, time is just not on my side. Hopefully after my engagement party, I’ll have some more time freed up to finally start what I really want LvtL to turn into.

Speaking of #FinCon14, don’t forget to check out my very first podcast interview I did with Steve Stewart of MoneyPlanSOS. We met up in New Orleans during FinCon14 to talk about what I did with my old 401k.

Without further ado, here are this week’s links!

This Week’s LLL

How to Add Margin – [Millennial on a Budget]
At first, I thought this post was strictly about monetary margins. Instead, Miss Millennial gives great tips on how to achieve margin in your life.

How to Carve Out Time for What You Really Love – [Budget Blonde]
Reading this post really made me miss my hip hop dance days.

Living Intentionally: What it Really Means and How to Do it – [Single Moms Income]
To live with intention means evaluating what your values are and doing more of that and less of everything else.

Thoughts on Work – [Dear Debt]
Quitting your job isn’t for everyone. Make sure you really evaluate your situation before you do anything drastic.

Want a Happier Version of You? Avoid the Obligation Creep – [Free to Pursue]
You don’t have to be productive 100% of the time. Allow yourself to enjoy the down time.

How was your past week? What are you looking forward to this week?


What to Do With an Old 401k

About 8 months ago, I started a new job!

I was incredibly excited – and still am! I’m working for an amazing company with awesome benefits and I enjoy the work that I do! Yes, it gets stressful at times, but I love being challenged – how else are you supposed to grow?

One of the first things I did as an employee was sign up for all of my benefits – my medical plan, dental plan, vision plan, gym membership, and even transit/parking FSA accounts. But the one thing I couldn’t sign up for right away was a 401k – I had to endure a 90 day probationary period before I could enroll.

In the meantime, I knew I wanted to do something with my old 401k that I had with my previous employer. Here is what I could have done with my old 401k

  • Leave the funds in my old 401k
  • Wait 90 days and rollover the funds into my current 401k
  • Rollover the funds into a Traditional IRA
  • Rollover the funds into a Roth IRA
  • Cash out

If you follow my Net Worth Updates, you probably already know that I ended up choosing to rollover to the Traditional IRA.

Steve Stewart over at Money Plan SOS invited me onto his podcast to speak about what I ended up doing with those funds and why I choose to go one way and not the others.

Check out the podcast over here: What Should I Do With My Old 401k?

Again, thanks Steve for interviewing me and for making my very first podcast super fun and easy! I was incredibly nervous and I definitely think it showed, but I still had an absolute blast!

What did you do with your old 401k?


One of Those Days

You ever have those days at work when you feel like you just can’t comprehend anything?

No matter how hard you try, you just don’t get it?

You try and try as hard as you can to understand the logic behind something, even breaking it down into baby steps and breaking those steps down even further to itty-bitty-baby steps. But still, it just doesn’t make any sense to you.

Yeah, welcome to my past week.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s great being a part of a company that is growing like crazy! I have much more input in our processes than I ever did at my old company that was much smaller than my company now. I love that I’m making a difference and that people (a lot of people, actually) value what I have to say and what I do.

But this week has just been one of those weeks where I felt like the weekend could not have come soon enough.

I feel like I just got back from my trip to New Orleans when really, I got back over a week agoBut right when I landed, I became sick with a stupid cold, which I’m still recovering from. Anyone else feel like they get sick at the most inconvenient times??

Anywho, catching up with all my work isn’t so bad. But add on top of that a completely new procedure that directly affects everything that I do. Not to mention all of the meetings I’m attending each day. These aren’t useless meetings either – they’re all incredibly important so I can’t skip any of them.

I am completely swamped. Not only does this new process greatly affect my job, I just can’t seem to get it. I feel like the learning curve is never ending here – which is great, this is exactly what I wanted – but it’s also exhausting.

Lisa vs. the Learning Curve aka my sad attempt at Paint

Lisa vs. the Learning Curve aka my sad attempt at Paint

I really don’t want this blog to ever be so self-indulgent, but I do think it’s something that needs to be brought up and not buried inside. I know I’m not the only one who just has one of those days that turn in to one of those weeks that eventually become one of those months.

There will be days when you feel straight up stupid. There will be days when you mess up so much that you don’t know where to start fixing it all, or even how to start fixing it all. There will be days when you are defeated.

When these days/weeks/months come around, I know that what I choose to do next is crucial.

I can choose to stay defeated and give up.

Or I can choose to drill this information into my head until it is second nature.

I can choose to bottle it all up inside and wait for an untimely explosion.

Or I can choose to allow myself to vent, even cry a little, and move on.

I will choose to be better. I will choose to face the problem and find a solution. I am defeated, but not for long.

Ever have “one of those days” when nothing seems to make sense? How do you handle it?

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