Is Memory Foam Mattress Too Hot for Dog Bed?

If you have done any research on memory foam mattresses before, you’ll come across people lamenting on how hot memory foam is.  In the early days, it was true… memory foam retained a ton of heat.  This is partly because of the different types of memory foam we mentioned in my previous post – Best Memory Foam Mattress Buyer Guide & Reviews. There has been a lot more research and development into different types of memory foams, latexes, and other memory foam-like derivatives like memory foam-based soy.  Memory foam has come a long way.

Don’t be fooled the “cool memory foam” either.  The truth is, memory foam does retain more heat than a traditional mattress.  However, it isn’t very significant.  There are easy ways to mitigate this slightly excessive heat and use it your advantage.  We typically see people using only a sheet and a  comforter during the winter instead of a sheet, blanket, and comforter.   During the summer, this gets a little more difficult depending on the person’s sleeping style.  Personally, I leave a fan on and use my typical sheet/comforter combo.  It works well for me, but I understand if some people might run hotter than me =).

One solution is if this scares you (or bothers you if you do an in-home trial of a memory foam mattress) is to use a memory foam mattress topper instead of an entire memory foam mattress, particularly if it one with a gel top.  Memory foam combined with gel in a memory foam mattress topper will allow for some heat to be drawn out of your body and dissipated through the gel before the memory foam has a chance to heat up.  Of course, over time things will warm up, but you’ll most likely get to sleep in time.

We’ll have some in-depth reviews of some memory foam mattress toppers in the future, but I’d suggest giving one or two a try from Amazon or your local store and returning it if it isn’t what you wanted — make sure they have a return policy though; Amazon’s return policy is great.

Memory Foam Dog Beds

The purpose of this post might be strange to some: why benefits would memory foam give a dog?  Why wouldn’t typical stuffed pads and cushions be enough?  In this post, we’ll go over some of the uses for a memory foam dog bed as well as the benefits that you might not have previously considered.Crate-type Memory Foam Dog Bed

First up: why?  Well, as I detailed in our previous article on this blog, memory foam is very beneficial to humans due to the way it disperses all our weight evenly across the memory foam mattress (or pad in this case).  For dogs, this may not seem like a big selling point, but it definitely is for two key cases:

1) You have primarily hardwood floors.  If you have hardwood floors, your dog is typically going to choose rugs, beds, or couches to lay on.  This might not be convenient for you, but take a step back and think: hardwood floors suck to lay on.  Memory foam dog beds are a good use case here because, unlike traditional pads, they won’t sag and fluff away from the weight of the dog and actually support the dog’s body on top of the pad off the hardwood.Memory Foam Dog Beds

2) Your dog is getting older.  Like humans, a dog’s age, they develop arthritic conditions as well as old age-related stiffness and pain.  Like in #1, sleeping on hard surfaces exacerbates these types of conditions and a nice solid, but soft, memory foam dog bed would help manage pain while resting.

We fully recommend moving away from traditional cotton or down-filled blankets or pads due to their inherent nature of the filling or padding moving away from the central weight of the dog.  You can see this clearly in normal down-filled blankets after a wash.  If cheaply made in particular, the filling just moves to the corners of the blanket or comforter.  The same thing happens over time with normal dog beds and other dog beds/pads.  However, with memory foam, the internal structure of the foam is one continuous piece of material.  It lasts for an incredibly long period of time and will not deform or break down.

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you that getting a memory foam dog bed is a good idea.  There are a variety of uses — dog crates very common.  Replacing your dog’s crate bed is probably one of the most beneficial uses.  The dog uses this the most hours of the day, maybe during the night and even when you are at work.  This surface needs to be the most comfortable and supportive as possible.   There are some great gel and memory foam dog bed combinations available here.  The previous link has a variety of sizes that will work well with dog crates as well as stand-alone.

Some people may be more interested in stylish dog beds.  We would like to recommend these nifty bolster-like memory foam dog beds that you see pictured above.  They come in several sizes, but the most useful would be a medium memory foam dog bed and large memory foam dog bed.

Feel free to explore some of the related products in the above links.  There are a lot of great products out there and we can’t test or research them all.  If you have any feedback on something you’ve tried or tested, please let us know!  Thanks and keep that dog happy and healthy!

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