Beast Protocol CB Unique Bootcamp Workouts Ebook

An “insider” shortcut guide to creating sensational workouts that will supercharge your business, your wealth, and your life…

Welcome to Kick Ass Finisher Drills Beast Protocol. This brand new, fun and exciting manual contains concepts, ideas and Training Secrets so powerful and effective that your existing skills as a bootcamp instructor will literally explode.

We all want our clients to love our workouts don’t we?. More importantly, there’s a deep urge to stand out and be different from all the other fitness providers in our area.

But it’s difficult to achieve because as you know, coming up with brilliant workouts and exciting new material (that will keep your clients interested and loyal) week in week out, is both ultra stressful and very time consuming.

Beast protocol is a set of 30 very simple and easy to use challenges ranging between 5 minutes and 30 minutes in duration, that can be played between two teams for points or just for fun. They have been specifically designed to

I have recruited 7 more clients because word of mouth… THEY LOVE MY WORKOUTS! Totally saved my business!!! I have two morning Boot Camp’s per day… My numbers were very low for the 9 AM class. I was getting ready to announce cancellation of that timeslot… Before I did, i offered one free weekend work out…selected all of my workouts out of your Unique Workouts… Games, finishers ALL! I will be forever grateful!!! Hey… That’s an additional $1400 Per month

If you’re having trouble attracting or keeping your campers loyal then do yourself a favor and invest in this manual. I find it totally fascinating how Leon was able to design these drills to be both finishers and mini team challenges all at the same time. Not only do my clients love the…

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