Aim to Go Beyond your Reach with Landmark Education Program

A beautiful session designed for everyone so that everyone gets to participate and benefit from the motivational speech. The stage is set for participants seeking to have a change in their daily life. I was in a state of dilemma when I had to choose between my career and my passion. After attending a seminar, motivators focused solely on the Landmark education pattern. Through this education, people like me where enlightened about the various positive aspects of life. Every day was new opportunity, which should be greeted with much enthusiasm and fervor. I was in a hope to find the right path for my life.

In my quest to settle down with the things that made me happy, I ended up in a cobweb of confusion. There were several thoughts and questions running through my mind for which I seeking an expert solution. People like me who was in a deep trouble deliberately wanted a guide through which they could come out from the mess. It was a tough phase, not complaining though but do not want to be there again. My parents had retired; I was their only ray of hope and breadwinner. When I was offered my first job, I was super ecstatic thinking that my financial troubles would end. The first six months were absolutely fun and interesting. Every month I used to treat my parents with the finest of cuisine on my payment day. There was enough for the family and my own expenses.

Over the passing months, I was bestowed with the opportunity to be a traveler photography for which I had dreaming ever since I was a teenager. That was the happiest and disappointing moment for me. Both the joys and sorrows had mixed and was standing in front of me. On one side laid my ongoing career of an accountant and on the other side there was my long time hobby of photography. My father could only manage to educate me up to graduation. Once I completed my education, I had hopes of being a photographer but that ended when there was a financial crisis. So in between life’s struggle I had forgotten how to manage things that mattered a lot to me.

In my attempt to make things much smoother, I decided to visit the Landmark forum after a few recommendations from some friends. The 3 days course took my thoughts to a spinning process, where I was completely engrossed thinking about what made me feel complete. After the 3 days session, I was no longer in a puzzled state of mind. I came to a realization that all I had to do was work on building my passion at the same time dedicate a major part of my life supporting my parents. There was a sense of balance gained from this education program and I must say I was acquainted to this program by Landmark forum review. Going through the reviews made me realize about the positive benefits it yielded to the participants. Reacting to the situation was a wrong thing rather acting with a broad-minded perspective helpful to achieve goals easily in life.

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