why i’m doing this (part one)

New York, New York

When I was a senior in high school, I went to New York with my high school’s jazz choir to perform at Carnegie Hall. Talk about an experience of a lifetime – I went on top of the Empire State building on my 18th birthday, celebrated with some good ol’ New York cheesecake, saw Avenue Q on Broadway, and strolled around Time Square. Not to mention I was with some of my greatest friends at the time. There was one moment when I was walking around in the freezing cold (I HATE the cold, mind you) and I looked around and told myself, “I need to live here”.

Paying off my loans early will free up some income for my future travel expenses/rent/other living costs in New York. I used to want to move there immediately after graduating, but I decided against it. I don’t want to be broke in New York City! I want to be able to really experience what it’s like to live out there – not struggle with my bills and my student loans!

Moving back home for a little bit is also helping me with this goal. Some people have asked me, “isn’t moving back home slowing down your plans of moving to New York?” I guess in a way it is. But again, it’ll help me in the long run – the money I’m saving on rent will help with my loans, and once those are gone, I can save all of that extra money in my New York fund (yes, I have a savings account just for NY :) ) Plus, moving back home with my family will give me some extra time with them before I move away.

I don’t see myself living in New York forever. But while I’m relatively young, I want to experience what life is like in the city that never sleeps. As motivation, my desktop backgrounds at work and on my personal laptop are of Central Park. I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing out there – working in the FiDi, going to grad school, etc. But I do know that San Francisco is a little too slow for me :) So I’m hoping that the fast-paced environment of the concrete jungle where dreams are made of (sorry, I had to!) will give me a nice challenge.

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