[Monthly Must-Reads] June 2012

Happy Friday everyone!!!

I read a lot of articles. [Monthly Must-Reads] is a new monthly (duh) series featuring some of my favorite articles I’ve read for the past month.

12 Things You Probably Own Too Many Of – [Apartment Therapy]
I’ve packed and moved out of my apartment in SF this past month, and now I’m packing up my stuff from my current house so that we can move into our new house next month. This list is incredibly accurate and I’m just now seeing exactly how much space all of this stuff is taking up! Even if you’re not moving soon, it’s always good to regularly go through what you have and sell or donate all the things you don’t use anymore, and these items are a good place to look at first.

40 Ways to Relax in 5 Minutes or Less – [The Greatist]
Self-explanatory :) I love that one of their suggested ways to relax is to dance!

Get A New Job Every Two Years – [Thousandaire]
Don’t get stuck in a rut! Even if you really like your job, you should be pushing for something new every two years – whether it’s a whole new company or just a whole new job title.

Get Hired – [Lifehacker]
Love charts and pie graphs? Need help landing a job? Here’s a fun visual guide to the hiring process covering topics such as how to prepare for an interview, common interview questions, and even price ranges of what to order on a lunch interview.

The Great Student Loan Debate: Part 1 – [MintLife]
The fixed interest rate on federally subsidized loans is scheduled to increase from 3.4% to 6.8% on July 1st! Definitely not good news. Although I truly believe my education was worth it, I don’t want to pay hundreds more in interest than I was already planning on paying! That’s why I started this blog: to help keep me accountable on aggressively paying off these loans!

How Many Goals Are You Chasing Right Now (And Do You Have Too Many)? – [Pick The Brain]
I’ve been wrestling a lot with the notion of too many goals lately and this article came to me at the right time. Just because I can’t achieve something this year doesn’t mean I can’t do it next year. This article has helped me prioritize what I need to work on. More on this in my next monthly update :)

Insanity and Perseverance – [The Simple Dollar]
If you want to make a change in your life, then do it! But don’t expect it to be easy. It may not look or feel like much after a week or two, but you shouldn’t be looking for a quick fix anyway. Long term change isn’t made after one decision – it’s made after a decision that has to be made over and over again.

Make Your Bed! For Productivity, Profit, and Peace – [Apartment Therapy]
As a kid, I used to see no point in making my bed. However, in college, I began the habit of making my bed every morning. It doesn’t sound like it’ll make a huge difference, but it ended up being an essential part of my mornings. Making my bed every morning has lead to many productive days.

Personal Finance is Rarely Black and White – [The Simple Dollar]
Two people with the exact same financial situation can easily have two completely different ways to do their finances. Although it’s good to learn from others, you need to sit down, ask yourself what’s important to you, and then create your own financial plan. Don’t just follow what everyone else does, or whatever the rule is – learn about it, think about it, then make it your own.

Why Women Are Burning Out at the Office Before Age 30 – [LearnVest]
Burnout is spreading throughout Gen Y women like crazy (oh gosh, is that me?)! This is an interesting article that gives possible reasons as to why this is becoming a problem among my generation. There are also a number of ways to prevent burnout, as this article covers several of them, such as take your vacation days (how do I say no to that?) and develop your hobbies outside of work.

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