[monthly must-reads] july 2012

I’ve been incredibly busy this past month! I feel like I’ve been abandoning my blog a little bit  🙁 Sorry, guys! But man, I definitely have a big monthly update post coming up for you all!

One quick personal update – I’ve finally upgraded to a smartphone! This new purchase has given me the ability to use my commute time as reading time. Here are some articles that I’ve found interesting this past month.

10 Commandments For Mobile Manners – [The Kim Komando Show]
Not only does this article touch on truly being present and respectful to those around you, it also touches on general mobile etiquette such as turning your phone off in church, talking on the phone while on public transportation, etc.

5 Ways Bad Credit Keeps You From Big Goals – [Quizzle Wire]
This past weekend, I did a session at my young adult ministry’s retreat for college freshman/sophomores about personal finance and this topic came up. For those of you who don’t think keeping up your credit score is important, think again.

Are You Able to be Happy for Friends and Family That are Wildly Successful? – [Darwin’s Money]
Great read. Jealousy is never good. Get to a place where you can be happy for others and yourself.

Can’t Get a Job? Get a Microjob! – [Get Rich Slowly]
This article does a great job of explaining what a microjob is as well as going over some pros and cons. Basically, if you have any sort of skill set and want to earn a little bit of side income, take a look at this article.

How Parents Influence Their Child’s Future Income – [Mint Life]
Your attitude towards money is closely linked with your parents’ attitude towards money, not necessarily their income.

How to Get Guaranteed Results in Anything – [Life Hacker]
Every choice has a risk, a consequence attached. Is it scary? Absolutely. But you’ll never know what can be done until it is actually done.

How to Stop Planning and Start Doing: 3 Easy Steps – [The Christian Dollar]
Planning can only get you so far. Planning does not equal doing.

No more yes. It’s either HELL YEAH! or no. – [Derek Sivers]
I’m hoping to implement this idea into my life very soon – this idea of not saying yes to things that I’m not entirely passionate or excited about will hopefully help me re-prioritize my time.

Paying Off Student Loan Debt Early – [PT Money]
A short reflection on the benefits of paying off your student loans early.

Should I Pay Off Debt or Save Money First? – [Money Crashers]
Ultimately, the choice is up to you. Personally, I’ve chosen to do both.

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