Blackberry Storm Review

RIM — Research In Motion Storm is the first Blackberry smartphone to use touchscreen technology to access many of its programs for work related tasks such as receiving and sending email and also non-work activities such as watching videos or listening to music.

Blackberry Storm desktop icons can be touched to launch various programs.  The Storm can sense how it is held and will automatically reorient the display in either portrait or landscape mode.  An onscreen keyboard can be used to enter data or compose email.  When in the landscape position a full QWERTY keyboard displays.  The keys pressed show a blue halo and the screen provides the feel of pressing on a keyboard.

Other convenient features of the Storm are a browser, camera, video recorder and a built-in GPS.

How does the Blackberry Storm compare to other smartphones like it?

The Blueberry Storm touch screen doesn’t respond as precisely as the Apple Iphone, the product it is competing with.  When it changes from protrait to landscape orientation, it takes longer than the Iphone.  However, the display quality and sound volume is better.

What are the Storm’s shortcomings?

The Blackberry Storm’s touch screen still needs refinement.  Although it has a 3.2 megapixal camera it takes too long to take a picture.  It is also missing WiFi capabilities.  Sometimes it will freeze and the only way to reboot it is to take out the battery.  If a user is not careful using the touchscreen, the wrong function may get launched.  However, it is still strong in the area of business applications such as handling emails, organizing and scheduling.

How much is it?

Without a plan the Blackberry Storm costs more than $749.  With a plan it will cost about $250 less.  Verizon, the carrier the Storm uses, has Individual and Family Plans that very in minutes and monthly fees of .45 cents per minute and $39.99 per month to $119 per month.

What do people say about it?

People who tried the Blackberry Storm are split between being loyal to the brand or are so frustrated with learning to use the touchscreen component that they had to return it.  Those who liked it were willing to read its manual and practiced using it.


All hand-held devices, even the Iphone which the Storm is competing with, have their own shortcomings.  When any new device comes out, there are bound to be bugs that will eventually get fixed.  The greatest strength of the Storm is that it uses Verizon which is more reliable than AT&T which Iphone uses as their carrier.

The Storm is also easy to unlock.  The batteries can be removed and changed by the user.  Firmware has been released to fix some of the earlier problems.  But before you decide between the Storm and Iphone, you should try them at a store and then make your final decision.

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