37 Step Transformation

For the first time ever, I reveal how the “Vitality Fitness System” helped transform hundreds of people from flabby and unmotivated to fit and jacked with goal smashing energy in less than 3 months.

If you want to get ripped, build muscles, tone your body, improve overall health and reap all the benefits that come with being fit, you’ll see how simple it is to learn… even if you haven’t exercised a day in your life… even if you currently HATE exercise… even if you can’t do 1 pushup or can bench press 400 pounds.

I’ve spent years trying to attain the ‘perfect’ physique and what I can tell you is that what matters most is having a body that works for you.  To feel good and confident all day long and be able to enjoy the things that fitness brings.

Once we connect the work we do in fitness to how it’s going to get everything else you want out of life, then the power to squeeze out those last few reps, stop the sugar roller coaster or just get started really gains momentum.

The entire process is chunked down into small steps that start laying the foundation for what will be your successful Game Plan.

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the experts there are few.”  Shunryu Suzuki

This one quote could not sum it up any better.  The fitness industry is great at making you think we are discovering new breakthroughs everyday, when in fact the science hasn’t had any true breakthrough in terms of training and fitness in many, many years.

First learn, and consistently apply, the foundational principles on training and nutrition that have already been proven by science.

This is something I picked…

Your Personal Best Life;Your Simplified Guide to a Healthy, Fit, and Happy Life Downloadable ebook (pdf) examining the fundamental physical and psychological components of health and happiness. Viewed best in pdf but also available in .epub and .mobi formats. Special Bonuses

Your Personal Best Life Foundation Building and Strength Maintenance program. Downloadable ebook (pdf). Use this workout (which requires only dumbbells) to build a foundation of total body strength, allowing you to avoid the muscle pain, joint aches and mental/physical burnout associated with jumping into a strength training program that is too far above your current fitness level. The YPB Life Foundation program will enable you to effectively progress to a more challenging routine and make fitness a lifestyle.

Your Personal Best Life: THE (Tasty Healthy Eating)Recipe Book A downloadable recipe book (pdf) with healthy and tasty recipes covering breakfast through dessert.

Your Personal Best Life General Flexibility Program A downloadable pdf file containing a general total body stretching routine to be done along with your exercise program.

Your Personal Best Life Foundation Building and Strength Maintenance 30 minute downloadable video (MP4). This video compliments the strength program ebook by taking you through the entire workout while detailing proper form. Sessions with Moe to obtain all of this life changing information normally cost over $300. However, Moe has put all of this valuable information together and is offering it for a special package price of $54. Here is what some of the many highly satisfied people have to say about Moe and following his program; By following Moe’s program I became noticeably stronger and more toned, completed 2 half marathons and a handful of other races and, most importantly, have made exercise and healthy food choices a part of my everyday life. I have truly learned…

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