Debt free by 30 progress – June 2017

Here is our debt free by 30 progress for June 2017!

Debt free by 30 progress – June 2017

debt free by 30 progress - june 2017

As of June 1, 2017, we are $49,716.72 in debt – a $675.14 decrease from May 2017.

Not going to lie – we didn’t make as much progress as we wanted to this month. But alas, a decrease is a decrease.

Debt free by 30 progress – June 2017 breakdown

Here is the breakdown of our debt for June 2017:

debt free by 30 progress - june 2017

Per the chart above, our debt breakdown as of June 1, 2017 is as follows:

  • Car loan – $6,522.79 (down from $6,871.30 last month)
  • Credit cards – $20,255.55 (down from $20,390.82 last month)
  • Student loans – $22,938.38 (down from $23,129.74 last month)

Here’s a breakdown of our debts on an account level:

debt free by 30 progress - june 2017

Debt free by 30 progress – June 2017 updates and notes

  • This is our smallest decrease in debt yet. Granted this is only our second month doing these monthly updates, but still – seeing less than $1k of progress doesn’t feel any good.
    • Also, we made negative progress on Credit Cards #2 and #5. Rookie mistake – we paid these bills a day late. #facepalm
  • The plus side is we’re under $50k of debt officially! Even though we didn’t make as big of a dent as we should have this month, seeing the numbers go from $50k+ to $49k+ did feel the tiniest bit satisfying. Now to get to $48k… then $40k… then $20k… you get the picture 🙂 Baby steps, people!
  • On the side income front, nothing really happened this month. I listed some clothing items on eBay in May (see the vlog here) and was completely discouraged when nothing sold in May. But right when June 2nd hit (the day after I gathered all these numbers for an update), I got my first sale! And shortly after, my second! It was definitely a lesson in patience.
    • In addition to eBay sales, we are going to try our hand at selling with Amazon FBA. This will be our side income experiment of the month. We budgeted a couple hundred dollars this month to see what kind of return we can get with this. Will keep you guys posted!

In short – not the best month in my opinion. However, the rest of June still awaits and I’m hoping to do some real damage!

How did you do with your debt this month?