June 2015 Net Worth Update

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June 2015 Net Worth Update

What! It’s July already?!?! Seriously, life is just moving too fast, y’all.

June 2015 Net Worth Update

Overall, my net worth increased by $31,567 this month!

What! That’s insane!

Mind you, most of it is due to my updated house value number. But I’ve also made some great progess on my credit card debt and all other debts, in general.


Cash: $3,181 – up $487

Someone pointed out that my cash balance is enough to pay off my credit card debt altogether. Which is true, but this money is reserved for house bills (mortgage, electricity, gas, water) and a lot of these bills are paid either every other month or one a quarter. As much as I’d love to just pay my debt off immediately, I keep it in my bank accounts for future bills.

Short Term Savings: $2,251 – up $1,099

My savings buckets are all with Capital One 360. They make it easy to see all your savings at once! Here’s what mine mostly consists of this month:

Emergency: $1,001 – no change
Personal Escrow: $160 – up $20
Wedding: $1,083 – up $1,080

Wait, didn’t I say I stopped saving for my wedding? The funds in there actually aren’t from me. My mom graciously offered to help pay for the wedding, so she’s sending me money once in a while for safe keeping. However, since I’ve got a goal to be credit card debt free before the wedding, I’m thinking of throwing that money at my remaining credit card debt.

Retirement Savings: $32,109 – down $758

This consists of:

401k: $3,755 – down $61
Traditional IRA: $9,081 – down $228
Roth IRA: $19,273.25 – down $469

Yuck. Of course the market takes a little dive the month I decide to stop saving for retirement. I’m pretty far from retirement, though, so I’m not going to worry too much about this. I know that in the long run the market will pick up, so I’m not going to stress over this.

Estimated Car Value: $15,365 – down $605

I look up the value of my car on Kelley Blue Book every quarter and update my net worth as necessary. The car always goes down in value, without fail. That’s what you get for buying brand new.

Estimated Home Value – $497,668 – up $27,832

Aw baby! I check Zillow when I want to see the value of my home. As awesome as this looks, I’m not planning on selling soon, so this value doesn’t necessarily mean anything to me right now. But those gains look damn good!


Credit Cards: $1,554 – down $2,552

This consists of:

Discover @ 15.99%: $20 – down $1,323
Wells Fargo @ 0.00%: $1,534 – down $1,228

Despite the huge $31k jump in net worth, I am most excited about this one! I am so close to being credit card debt free, I can taste it! I really buckled down last month and threw whatever I could at this debt and it shows! Hopefully by next month, this will be a nice fat $0!

Student Loans: $14,264 – down $131

This consists of:

Direct Subsidized @ 6.8%: $2,830 – down $15
Direct Subsidized @ 6.0%: $3,597 – down $20
Direct Subsidized @ 5.6%: $4,374 – down $25
Direct Subsidized @ 4.5%: $2,153 – down $14
Direct Unsubsidized @ 6.8%: $1,311 – down $5

Another solid month for the student loans. Can’t complain!

Car Loan: $14,865 – down $336

The minimum is all I’m throwing at this loan right now. Slow and steady is the motto.

Mortgage: $270,069 – down $493

Same with the car loan – slow and steady with this one.

Overall, my June 2015 net worth update had it’s ups and downs. Mostly ups! Can’t wait to tackle some more debt this month.

How was your June financials? Did you stay on track with your goals?



  1. OthalaFehu February 7, 2017

    I have been following Net Worth blogs for years, finally started my own;
    Please check it out, any help/tips is appreciated.

  2. Taylor August 18, 2015

    Get it gurl!! I’m working on chipping away at my credit card too. Can’t wait until it’s paid off!
    Taylor recently posted…How to Transfer Your Credit Card Balance to Avoid Paying Interest – RevisitedMy Profile

    • Lisa E. September 2, 2015


  3. Wow, you are so close on the credit card debt. It is going to feel incredible to pay this off! Any plans for (thrify) celebration when you do?
    Jess @ Best Credit Cards Canada recently posted…How to Use a Credit Card ResponsiblyMy Profile

    • Lisa E. August 4, 2015

      Yes I am! Hmm… not sure what I’m going to treat myself with… maybe a mani-pedi!

  4. How cow that is an insane increase in one month, you go girl! Congrats on such a large increase in your net work, that is fantastic!!
    Christina @ Embracing Simple recently posted…How to Stop Wasting Your Energy on Toxic PeopleMy Profile

    • Lisa E. July 16, 2015

      Thanks Christina!

  5. Impressive month for sure! Congrats on the home equity increase.

    You are so close to getting rid of that credit card debt, keep pushing! Its coming!!
    Alexander @ Cash Flow Diaries recently posted…10 Must Have Traits Needed to Achieve SuccessMy Profile

    • Lisa E. July 8, 2015

      Thanks Alexander! I know, I can’t wait to get rid of that CC debt!

  6. Why don’t you clear at least that high interest credit card debt? I mean 15% is insane… 🙂
    sherry @ save. spend. splurge. recently posted…June 2015 Budget Roundup = $408,697.13 or an increase of +2.09% or +8356.10My Profile

  7. That’s a huge increase! Congrats Lisa!
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…Financial Wellness: One Size Does Not Fit AllMy Profile

    • Lisa E. July 6, 2015

      Thanks Tonya!

  8. Tre July 5, 2015

    Wow! That is a huge increase in your home value. Overall, it looks like you are making progress and paying down those credit cards 🙂
    Tre recently posted…Happy 4th of July!My Profile

    • Lisa E. July 6, 2015

      Thanks Tre! Yea, I couldn’t believe the huge increase in my home value, either!

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