What the Golden State Warriors Can Teach Us About Our Goals

What the Golden State Warriors Can Teach Us About Our Goals

The other night, the Golden State Warriors won the Western Conference Championship!

Golden State Warriors and goals

We’ve got 4 more wins to go until we claim the NBA Championship, but the other night, we celebrated how far we’ve come! The last time the Warriors made it to the Finals was 40 years ago. 40 years ago!

For the Warriors, the ultimate goal is the NBA Championship. To get there, they have to win the First Round series, Semi-Finals series, Western Conference Finals series, and The Finals series – each series needing 4 wins. Meaning, Golden State needs 16 wins to become this year’s NBA champs. The other night, they brought this number down to 4 wins by winning the Western Conference Championship!

Obviously, I’m from the Bay Area and am biased, but I really do think the Golden State Warriors could teach us a lot about our outlook on our goals and baby steps.

The Warriors Celebrate Their Baby Steps

After the televised Western Conference Championship trophy ceremony, fans celebrated right outside of Oracle (aka Roaracle) with fireworks, DJs, and a dance party. The team celebrated in their locker room with their families and music blasting. Basically – Golden State knows how to party! The Western Conference Championship isn’t the end goal, but we made sure to celebrate this milestone.

When you break down your big goal into little ones, it’s important to celebrate your small successes. Take time in your journey to recognize how far you’ve come! It’ll keep you motivated along the way.

Did you pay down one of your credit cards? Celebrate with a small treat you can afford! For me, that would be a mani-pedi 😉 Did you just lose 10 pounds? Give yourself a cheat day!

But They Know They Still Have Work To Do

In the midst of all this celebrating, there was much talk of the work that has to be done. In every players’ interview, they each said something along the lines of “we are so excited get to this point, but we need four more wins to get to the goal“.

Yes, it’s important to celebrate small wins, but don’t take your eyes off the big goal! Don’t let the celebration of your baby steps distract you from your journey to your end goal, whether it’s debt freedom or weight loss.

Acknowledge how far you’ve come, but also be aware of how far you’ve got left. For instance, celebrate paying off one credit card, but don’t forget about the other debt you have! Let yourself enjoy your cheat day, but make sure it’s only one day.

For the Golden State Warriors, they know how to celebrate and how to focus. When you’re working toward a goal, it’s important to have two outlooks at the same time – one celebrating how far you’ve come, and one that’s focused on how far you need to go. These two points of view both work toward motivating and encouraging you to keep up with the hard work. With both of these mindsets, you can push yourself to your ultimate goal.

What is your ultimate goal at the moment? How do you celebrate achieving your baby steps? How do you stay focused on the big picture?